City Tours

City Tours

(3 hours approx) - Daily departures - A.M. and P.M.
We will start the tour moving to the Plaza 28 de Julio, and then visit the Belen Street Market, the most popular market in the city in which we will observe the commercial activity with different products from the villages of the interior of the jungle. It will be exciting to observe the great variety of jungle fruits, wild meats of the "mountain" and the great variety of Amazonian fish such as paiche, dorado and goons. We will also walk through the famous “Paquito Passage", the Belen Market lane known for its exotic medicinal plants, herbal tonics, and aphrodisiacs.
Later we will go to the center of the city to visit the colorful and busy Plaza de Armas, and then on to the Tarapaca and Boulevard Malecón along the river’s edge.  We will finish the tour by visiting the famous Historical Museum Boat "AYAPUA" (1906)


Main attractions:
  • Plaza 28 de Julio: The main attraction of this city’s largest plaza is the locomotive Morona Cocha, a legacy of the rubber era. Trains were brought to Iquitos from Europe in 1905, by entrepreneur Mr. Julio Cesar Arana del Águila. The train system was made up of the Moronococha, Sachachorro, and Punchana locomotives, which pulled flatbed cars or boxes to transport the packages of import and export merchandise. The locomotive was also used on Sundays and holidays by the public, and its route was between the streets Omagua (today San Martín) and Jirón Lima (today Prospero).
  • Mercado de Belén: its main attraction is the Paquito Passage, known as the natural pharmacy of the Amazon where we will find the great variety of medicinal plants and special preparations used ancestrally by the Amazonian people.
  • Plaza de Armas: We will reach the Plaza de Armas through Calle Prospero where we will pass by several historical mansions such as Casa Cohen, Chalet Morey, Casa Morey, Casa Irapay and others. In the Plaza de Armas we will see the Obelisk of Heroes and learn its particular history, as well as the surroundings of the Plaza, the Mother Church, the famous Iron House, the Fitzcarrald house, the house, among others.
  • Malecón Tarapaca and Boulevard: The main attraction is the former Hotel Palace, considered the greatest architectural jewel of the City of Iquitos. Its construction began in 1908 and was inaugurated on June 10, 1912. It features an eclectic architectural style. Those responsible for its construction and beautification were the engineer Samuel Young and the Spanish builder José Atimira. Still to this day, we can see a hall, its beautiful tiles and wrought iron that were brought from Europe.
  • Boat Museum Ayapua: On the way to the boat museum we will have the opportunity to take pictures along the Boulevard. We will see the Church of Consolation. We will also see the famous historical Casa Morey, its first owner was the rubber tapper Luis F.Morey. The Historical Boat Museum is aboard the Ayapua Ship, built in Hamburg, Germany (1906). The Boat Museum houses an interesting exhibition dedicated to the rubber era, with exhibitions of the history of navigation, geographers and explorers.


Price per person in  US dólar

Transportation 2 pax 3 pax 4-10 pax 11-22 pax
Auto with A/C 40 35    
Van cap. Max 10     30  
Mini Bus cap. Max. 22       25
Children under 12 yers old and students   25 25 25

Idem attractions
Price per person in  US dólar

  1 pax  2 pax
Price per person in Motokar 30 25