Unforgettable Iquitos

Unforgettable Iquitos

3 Days 2 Nights in Iquitos, accommodation in Hotel Acosta, City Tours, Belen Market , Visit to the Bora Community, The Pilpintuwasi butterfly farm and the Pedrito Farm

In this package of 3 days 2 nights in Iquitos City we will know the main attractions of the City as  the Plaza 28 de Julio, and then visit the Belen Street Market, the most popular market in the city in which we will observe the commercial activity with different products from the villages of the interior of the jungle. It will be exciting to observe the great variety of jungle fruits, wild meats of the "mountain" and the great variety of Amazonian fish such as paiche, dorado and goons. We will also walk through the famous “Paquito Passage", the Belen Market lane known for its exotic medicinal plants, herbal tonics, and aphrodisiacs.
Later we will go to the center of the city to visit the colorful and busy Plaza de Armas, and then on to the Tarapaca and Boulevard Malecón along the river’s edge.  We will finish the tour by visiting the famous Historical Museum Boat "AYAPUA" (1906)

The second day we will do  the Iquitos Ribereño which includes the visit to the Bora Native Community, the Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm and the Pedrito Farm for approximately 5 hours. 
We will start with a brief history of the city of Iquitos in the Plaza de Armas to then move to the port of Bellavista where we will take a river boat to navigate the Nanay, Momón and the majestic Amazon River rivers. First, we will visit the Native Community of the Boras, where we will participate in their dances and traditions. Continuing the adventure we next visit "Pillpintuwasi", a zoo nursery and butterfly farm. There we will enjoy the gardens where communities of butterflies reproduce; and meet a real jaguar, the "otorongo" baptized with the name of Pedro.
Upon returning by boat, we cannot stop marveling at the coming together of two majestic rivers, the Nanay with the mighty Amazon.  With good luck. we will observe the gray and pink river dolphins. To end these tours, we will visit the "Pedrito" farm where we will be able to observe and feed the biggest fish of the Amazon, the "Paiche", which can grow up to 3 meters long. We will also be able to observe the lizards and other species of the Amazon.

Price of 3 days 2 nights: US $ 140.00 per adult person.
Children up to 11 years old: 20% discount
It includes:
  • Two nights accommodation at Hotel Acosta with American breakfast (2 days)
  • City Tours
  • Visit to the Bora Native Community
  • Visit to the Pilpintuwasi butterfly farm
  • Fundo Pedrito
  • Ground and river transfers
  • Guide in Spanish or English
  • Tickets to attractions.
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